BSI-Social Media is an Advertising and Marketing Agency that furnishes its clients with a variety of marketing solutions from Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation to Telecoms with the creation of mobile web apps, mobile web pages, mobile websites and mobile SMS messaging. BSI-Social Media is the one stop shop for all your business needs.

BSI-Social Media enhances its clients ability to choose age, ethnic or socioeconomic groups without the use of expensive visual media. With the right stimulus, the ‘theatre of the mind’ will create imagery that is far superior to that of print or television. However, if its brand building power that your business is seeking then there is nothing stopping the client to use in tandem with a robust marketing campaign.

BSI-Social Media is also on mission to make communication mobile-friendly. While we love our iPhones, Blackberrys and Android devices, we are not big fans of pinching and zooming our way through the mobile web, nor reading text too small for the human eye. Because of this poor experience, we set out to optimize the web for mobile devices with apps, communication and messaging.

BSI-Social Media launched their hosted technology platform to convert and optimize websites for mobile devices. Now licensed by AT&T,, Logoworks by HP, Yahoo! and other leading companies, nearly 2 million small- and medium-sized businesses and consumer mobile sites have been built, and are currently hosted, on the platform with apps, communication and messaging.

What makes BSI-Social Media so powerful is the combination of ease of use in optimizing websites for mobile, dynamic syncing of content between a standard website and a mobile site and scalability of the platform.

BSI-Social Media mobile website hosting platform includes a variety of mobile features and enhancements designed specifically for local businesses including:

1. One-click conversion to mobile.
2. Auto-syncing between a standard site and mobile site.
3. Compatibility with all major smartphones.
4. Professional mobile site templates.
5. Click-to-call.
6. Maps & directions.
7. Mobile site analytics.

The unique advantage of using BSI-Social Media is that it keeps a mobile web page automatically updated, reflecting any changes made to the original website with minimal effort required. Communicate with your clients on the Go from any device. BSI-Social Media is based in London, United Kingdom.