It appears that small and medium-sized businesses are still not jumping on the mobile bandwagon. According to a study just released by vsplash an unbelievable 98% of SMB websites are not mobile optimized. What does this mean for them? It’s quite Simple.

These small businesses are missing out on a massive amount of traffic coming from mobile devices and potentially losing business. It’s not unusual for small businesses to be the last to adopt on emerging technology. A similar story was seen in the Web boom of the late 90s, so it’s not surprising that the same scenario is occurring now.

What’s the problem, it’s simple  the consumer adoption of mobile is taking off much quicker than the Internet boom from a decade ago. But with the rapid development of technology comes more affordable and more viable options for the local businesses who may not know how to go mobile. Gone are the days of hiring expensive designers and developers. If a local business owner has a desktop website, BSISelcom gives them an easy way to go mobile. So we say…no excuses! Just email your desktop website to us via our contacts page and Go Mobile now.  


Just imagine your consumer mind-set for a moment. You’re online and you visit ABC’s company website. Why? You need information. You want to buy something. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them and want to figure out what they do. Who knows. When you get to their website, it’s not working correctly for various reasons. It’s slow. It has broken links. It’s just not a good user experience. Now, what is your perception of ABC after visiting their site? [So pause here for a moment to think about this.] And the correct answer is: You think their company does not stack up.

A recent  bit of research  conducted by 1&1 Internet, the big hosting provider, revealed that most people just won’t forgive a faulty website. The report also says that 68 percent of Americans are more critical towards website errors today than they were five years ago. Luckily, 1&1 asked what annoys people the most. Here are the five biggest reason why your website may not stack up:

  1.   It runs slow.
  2.   Some pages load fast, some load slow
  3.   Broken pages and links
  4.   The URL isn’t working.
  5.   Online orders aren’t processed

Something that you need to know about mobile users is that they’re even more impatient than desktop users. This makes sense, does it not? Smartphone users are on-the-go. If you’re on your mobile phone searching for information, you probably need it immediately. The bottom line is: Your website, whether mobile or not, better work or you risk losing customers.