Why should I have a Mobile Web App?

Mobile Apps are to businesses what the internet was to business 10 years ago, when a business wouldn’t dream of operating without a website.

Small Business Owners are realising the need for Mobile Apps to stay visible and competitive. The facts are simple, Mobile Apps puts small business owners where their customers are, on their mobile phones. Mobile is very important for local businesses. When your customers are out and about, they could be looking for the closest business of your type, from petrol stations and restaurants to legal or medical help. In fact 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information on their phones.

Smart phones mean mobile web access – more people now use the mobile web on their smart phones to search for places to shop, dine, party and for service professionals – including home repair, medical, personal services, hair salons and more. If a small business doesn’t have at least a responsive mobile website, they will be passed over by consumers who shop for businesses on the mobile web. The average person looks at their smart phone “150 times” a day… and that’s where all the eyeballs are today!

What’s more, people now ignore most promotional emails – they head straight into the spam folder! Direct mail flyers hit the trash can, unread, 84% of the time. Mobile marketing circumvents the normal filters that create barriers between consumer and service provider or retailer. Mobile marketing can be easy to implement and is one of the lowest cost forms of advertising. Ignoring the mobile marketing trend can be hazardous to your bottom line and the likelihood of your small business either thriving or dwindling.

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